Witches Quarry, Twiston – Thursday 15th September

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It was a bit misty, a bit murky and definitely a bit moist: very autumnal, in fact, with many of the holds feeling distinctly greasy and requiring more than the usual amount of chalk to feel secure on them. Nevertheless, four of us enjoyed another excellent evening, tackling one VS Abbot Paslew and three of the tougher HVSs that can be found at Witches: Brimstone HVS 5b, Spellbound HVS 5b (a Rockfax Northern Limestone Top 50 route and deservedly so) and Witchfire at Lammas HVS 5b, a really strenuous little gem of a problem which felt a grade harder than the other two, both in terms of technical difficulty and seriousness, with the possibility of a ground fall from an uncomfortable height before reliable protection can be arranged!
The indoor season approacheth fast and unless the weather is very favourable next week, it is almost certain to be a climbing wall from now on for our weekly fix!                                          Rob Smitton

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