Springtime climbing late March 2017

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The CMC climbing group which now numbers 25+ members, is all set to hit the rock this season. The weather last Wednesday evening sadly didn’t match our enthusiasm and we had to settle for yet another indoor session at Preston. It was, however, very well-attended with 10 climbers tackling the usual mix of top-rope and lead climbs as well as some fairly hardcore bouldering – Matt and Buxy doing particularly well on a massively overhanging V6, pictured below.

It was also great to see the generations mixing as there is a considerable age-range within the group. The next picture shows new boy, Adam, belaying the very mature Dave – and no doubt benefiting from the depth of Dave’s experience!

And finally, it’s pleasing to report again that small bands of climbers from within the group are getting together at weekends when there isn’t a scheduled meet. Matt and Sophie Ginn went to Troy Quarry and made use of their gleaming new hardware by doing some excellent trad; Andrew and Buxy made the round trip last Saturday to the slate quarries of Llanberis and had a great day, while Bern, Chris and myself, John S and Warren and Sarah met up at Giggleswick and started the limestone campaign at the excellent Anchor Buttress. Bern was so affected by the sun that day he thought he was still in Dubai and felt compelled to remove his shirt!

Rob Smitton

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