Ingleton Wall Thursday 30th June

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The joys of summer climbing! Plan A to climb at Pot Scar looked doubtful when the forecast changed after a promising one in the space of only 12 hours. Oh well, there’s always Ingleton wall so we mastered the new keyfob system to gain entry and rejoiced when we heard the sound of heavy rain on the skylight as we climbed. Six of us enjoyed an excellent session on the ever challenging and technical routes that Ingleton seems to specialise in setting. However, the new ownership needs to sort out the lighting as George and Jenny arrived after 9pm intending to climb until midnight(!!) but with the lights in the main hall malfunctioning, Jenny wished she’d brought her head torch as she struggled to see the holds on a tough 7a!
Fingers crossed for better weather next time.                                                         Rob Smitton

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