These guidelines apply to all hut meets (usually weekends) and unless otherwise stated to other events organised by CMC members and open to the entire membership of the club.

  • The hut booking secretary (HBS) is responsible for allocating places on meets.
  • Hut meets are open to all members and prospective members who will be treated equally in the allocation of places.
  • The main principle used is ‘first come, first served’.
  • Members may telephone/email the HBS to check on the availability of places before making a payment; however, a booking may not be accepted by telephone/email before payment is received.
  • Bookings will be accepted from the ‘Booking From’ date which will be exactly 2 months from the start date of the meet e.g. Hut meet 2-4 August, Booking from date 2 June. Reminders will not normally be sent.
  • Bookings can only be accepted when accompanied by full payment. This may be by online payment into the CMC account (preferred) or by cheque. Online payment must be accompanied by an email to the HBS and to the Treasurer, stating the amount that has been paid into the CMC account.
  • On receiving an application, the HBS will allocate a place by entering the member’s name in the hut booking log or, if the hut is already full, notify the member and if required, enter their name on a reserve list (if appropriate, a refund will be made at this point).
  • The HBS will notify members that they have been allocated a place on the meet or on the reserve list. The Treasurer will confirm receipt of the payment by email to the member.
  • Once a booking is accepted the member is expected to attend the meet. If circumstances arise which prevent them from attending, they should inform the HBS who will try to reallocate the place to a member on the reserve list. If this is possible, a refund may be made. If not possible, the hut fee will be forfeit. In exceptional circumstances the committee may consider a refund. 3 committee members will make a binding decision on this and should have consulted the Treasurer regarding the availability of funds.
  • If a CMC event is held at a Fell and Rock Climbing Club (FRCC) hut, FRCC members and their partners will pay their normal fees direct to FRCC in the usual way but they must advise the HBS of their intention to attend the meet. CMC only members should book in their normal way as above and pay the standard CMC hut charge into CMC accounts.

Extraordinary events

Where members arrange extended or out of the ordinary CMC events, they are encouraged to set guidelines, at the time of inviting members to book, regarding attendance, payment and cancellation which reflect the nature of the event.

This may involve asking for a deposit rather than full payment at the time of booking. The organiser will make clear if a deposit is non-returnable and will specify the availability or otherwise of a cancellation policy. They will also state when the payment balance is to be made.