Harrogate Wall Sunday 10th July

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George’s masterplan for climbing in the Langdale valley just didn’t work out as the forecast once again wasn’t good enough. Kendal wall was ditched as a wet weather alternative in favour of Harrogate and the gods then tortured us with a near-perfect day outside the open door of the wall as we climbed. Of course, once you pay your money, you’re committed and there’s no refunds. Four of us made sure we got our money’s worth and some excellent routes were ascended. The grades felt harsh but the quality of the route-setting more than made up for it. Slopey and blob-like holds without positive edges seem to be the fashion at Harrogate, perhaps reflecting the rounded gritstone horrors on offer at nearby Brimham Rocks, but on a warm and humid afternoon in July the climbing felt quite insecure at times!
New boys, Warren and Andrew teamed up and had a great day climbing together. The talk over brews and in the changing area was all about how to construct fingerboards and get stronger. Warren, it seems is a joiner by trade – shouldn’t have any trouble knocking out a few when he’s got a spare minute or two at work!!

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