Giggleswick North Thursday 1st September

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So it’s officially Autumn – where did the summer go?? This was our first evening meet in the autumn – and didn’t it show! Already, it’s beginning to feel chilly and more layers are required to climb into the evening but, worse still, there’s just less daylight as the nights draw in and therefore less climbing time. Gone are the days of climbing till 10 pm on balmy summer evenings!
In spite of all that, a great time was had on the steeper of the two Giggleswicks. George gulped hard and pronounced some of the suggested routes as either desperate or impossible, then proceeded to get up them in good style through the use of his legendary finger-strength! Jenny had a fantastic night, leading confidently and strongly and seconding a couple of tougher routes with no assistance from the rope. Praying for an Indian summer now through September before we have to go indoors!
Rob Smitton

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