28th Jan 2018 Walk around Blacko Tower

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Chris Smitton planned a walk circling around Blacko Tower or otherwise known as Stansfield Tower which was built by local grocer Jonathan Stansfield in 1890 and restored in 1950.
Unfortunately Chris wasn’t well on Sunday morning so husband Rob came to the rescue and guided us around the 7 mile walk with the help from Micheal who has local knowledge of the area. We parked cars at Blacko foot next to the bridge and set off up the lane and on to footpaths past Whitemoor reservoir and turned left at what was once The Fanny Grey Inn (named after a racehorse) but is now undergoing lots of building works into properties, we had lunch hiding behind a wall from the wind and rain which wasn’t on the forcast!!!then we carried on up and over Whitemoor and down past the side of The Moorcock Inn and across the road down the valley past Admergill Hall and back to the cars. Thanks Rob for a very interesting walk although a little BOGGY!!!! get well soon Chris.

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