These rules are set out to try to ensure fairness, that is, equal treatment for all who want to attend hut meets or similar events run by the Club and will be applied following the appointment of a new Hut Booking Secretary at the AGM in 2014.

Difficulties arise partly because the Clubs who own huts frequently hold back spaces which they may or may not release later making the availability very limited at first. Equally some meetings are particularly popular and there may be too few spaces available.

These rules are based on two simple principles – first come first served and if two or more come together a ballot will be held for the order in which each booking will be treated as taking place.

When the Club is asked to approve the list of events including the hut weekends at the AGM each year the list will include a “Book from” date for each hut weekend which will be 2 months exactly before the event.

No bookings will be accepted earlier than the “Book from” date.

Bookings must be accompanied by payment in full and any booking without payment will be put to one side pending receipt of payment and not treated as a booking.

Bookings will be entered in the record of bookings and given the next consecutive number at the time of entry.

If more than one booking is received at the same time, including when

– the post is delivered one day containing more than one booking

– several days post is opened at the same time and there is more than one booking

– more than one booking has been received prior to the “book from” date

the Hut Booking Secretary will hold a ballot and enter the bookings in the records in the order that they are selected in the ballot unless it is clear from the number of places known to be available that all of the bookings will be allocated a place.

Bookings may be taken in excess of the number of known places available on the basis that they are on a reserve list if the Hut Booking Secretary believes that spaces may become available through cancellations or increases in the number of spaces provided.

The Hut Booking Secretary will advise all members, other than those paying in person, by e mail that they have been allocated a space or have been treated as a reserve. The Hut Booking Secretary or a substitute will attend Indoor Meetings to try to make booking in person easy.

Bookings cannot be taken by telephone but the Hut Booking Secretary will be able to tell you the number of places booked, the number available and the position regarding reserves already listed.

Cheques sent in will only be paid into the Club bank account when places are allocated against the cheque.

In case of any dispute the Hut Booking Secretary will seek the advice of 2 other officers of the Club and the decision of the 3 shall be advised to the member and shall be final.

Where there are camping spaces available they should be allocated in the same way as the main hut spaces.