1. APOLOGIES  Peter, Brian Marge  Shaun

    PRESENT   Humphrey, Anne P.  Ann C, Frank T. Godfrey, Ian, Chris, Rob, Sue. 


The minutes were agreed and signed.

Some members had complained that the address list was not in the handbook. They had been advised that these were available online now.


Sue reported that all the club activities were running well. The Christmas meet had gone really well and the new venue deemed a success. A few members did not like being away from Keswick. The venue has been rebooked for next year.

The Burns night was deemed a great success and may be repeated in three years time. The Ski trip had been fantastic. Anne asked if it could possibly be planned to include walking. The cycling group has restarted after the winter.


Frank reported a healthy balance. He explained the account regarding the Burns night. The debit balance of £55 will be absorbed by the club. A card has been received to thank us for the £300 donation to Pathfinders.

Many members are now using the online payment system to pay membership and hut fees.

Frank awaiting current bank developments to settle before considering any changes to our bank account.

A discussion again took place regarding the handling of trip money’s by Ann and Sue who both prefer not to have it going through their personal accounts. Sue will arrange for members to pay their own monies direct with the tour company next year.

Frank suggested that members should be invited to be generous with their pot donations on Thursday  The club will add to this to give a realistic donation to Bowland Mountain Rescue on whom we all depend. He suggested £200 and this was agreed. Proposed Humph and seconded by Ian.


There are 79 paid up members. Members again to be asked to check their details on the address list.

Anne drew our attention to several errors on the prospective members form.  Ian volunteered to amend and update this.

Both this form and the general membership form to be available online..


The cleanliness at the recent George Starkie Hut was again not up to standard. ? replace this hut next year with the Fell and Rock hut at Beetham.

Humph advised that there are possibilities to have two F and R bookings each year.

The price of Mam huts is being increased to £14 p.n. Frank advised that at the moment we could absorb any losses but that a rise in Hut fees should be brought to the AGM.

Godfrey has booked most huts for next year inc. Beddgelert, High Moss, Glan Dena, Star Cottage and Low House


Ian is hosting for Humph this Thurs. with Bowland MR.

Derek Russell is now speaking in March on his fundraising walk up Kilimanjaro.

was suggested that he should receive the pot contents plus £50.

A discussion took place re the possibility of having a club ceilidh night.

Anne P will be the speaker at the April meeting on Costa Rica

It was deemed expensive if we hired a professional band. Ian has experience of running these with Holiday Fellowship and he volunteered to “call” for us and provide music.  A sub group of Humph Ian and Sue will plan this further.


Rob reported two new Climbers in their twenties had joined. All looking forward to resuming outdoor climbing. On average 6-8 members had climbed indoors during the winter


Various members offered their names to coordinate walks next year. Amanda has this year set up a What’s app cycling group which has proved popular.

10. AOB Ian advised that 24 people were signed up for the Pitlochry Trip (25 places available). Several people are staying there independently.




     PRESENT   Humphrey, Anne P.  Ann C, Frank T. Godfrey, Ian, Chris, Rob, Sue, Shaun, Simon


A minor correction was made and the minutes were then agreed and signed.


Chris reported that all the club activities were running well. Hut meets are being well attended. The variety of activities had been really good, including  Bocce and Quiz evenings and Picos and Ski trips.

Val Grooby’s walk had not taken place.

It was felt that a third person be enabled to undertake club communications via mail chimp. Sue offered to do this. Update training tba with Ian.

Chris has already obtained coordinators for next years hut meets.

All the committee agreed to stand for re-election. Sue willing to be Chairman and Peter Sharpe has agreed to be nominated as Vice Chairman.

Calendar events all discussed and adjusted where necessary.


Frank gave our balance as £3803.94 at the end of August.  At present there is also a considerable amount of extra money in the account for the Ski and Spanish trips next year which will shortly be paid out. There is not a need to increase the membership fee at the AGM.. A new projector and case have been purchased.

Protection of member’s data discussed. Frank had produced a draft GDPR policy for the club which he circulated . A copy will be put onto the website when finalised. Members will be sent notification re this.  The prospective members form to have an amendment to highlight data protection issues.

A motion was passed to agree the implementation of this policy by Nov 1st. Proposed Humphrey, Seconded Ian.

The security of club data was then discussed and a decision was made to buy two independent hard drives for the secretary on which to store our personal data.


There are 80 paid up members including Paul Siddall who has rejoined. Barbara Duxbury has sadly died. A note about BMC refunds for Fell and Rock members in our club along will be included with the membership reminder mailing.


Godfrey had sent a card to the MAM booking secretary whose husband had died recently.

We have two new huts on the programme next year. The June hut is more expensive at £31 but will be marketed at the standard £24 weekend charge as the club can afford to absorb the extra charge.

Ian advised that 24 people were signed up for the Pitlochry Trip (25 places available). Several people are staying there independently.


Humph arranging to ask membership for speaker suggestions. We will possibly change our meeting nights at The Cricket Club in the summer months as Thurs. is the Juniors Training and it was impossible this year to hold a pleasant meeting  because of the noise. Parking was also very difficult. Humph  is again planning a varied programme. 

The usefulness of a printed club booklet was discussed and it was agreed that next year we would only print the calendar pages as all other information is available on the club website.


Rob reported that the climbers were now on their winter schedule. He had been approached by a mother who wanted to bring her two young children to climb. He had not agreed to this as he felt our club could not safely facilitate this. All the committee reinforced his decision..


Various members offered their names to coordinate walks next year. Amanda has this year set up a What’s app cycling group which has proved popular.

10. AOB


        a) SKIING- Sue queried the payment method for the trip as Nielsen’s will only accept Card payments. She has previously sent a cheque. It was agreed that Frank would enquire from Yorkshire Bank if we could have a debit card on the club account.

Sue had experienced unpleasantness from two members, who both wanted to go on the trip but who do not relate well to each other. The club gave any trip organisers the authority to refuse members onto the trip if this posed a problem to others.

        b) SPAIN- Ann reported 19 people now signed up. Letter to be sent this week to all members going with further information inc. flight details.

It was agreed that all people going on club trips should in future be members of CMC because of liability issues. As 3 non members are already signed onto the next Ski trip, Frank suggested that for this year only they should become prospective members prior to the trip. In future years they would have to have paid membership.